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Women In The World Foundation And Toyota Launch Tumu Fund

In partnership with the Virtue Foundation, create a fund to help children in Ghana receive critical medical care and education.
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In a remote corner of northwest Ghana called Tumu, only one doctor is available to treat more than 100,000 people in the area, and transportation is scarce. Children go without the most basic medical care. Women die in labor before they can reach a hospital. And a little boy named Latif, who suffered terrible burns as an infant in a fire that scorched off his eyelids and decimated his left arm, desperately hoped for help. Unable to close his eyes, he risked going blind.

A team of foreign physicians met Latif when they arrived in Tumu in 2012, as part of a program by the Virtue Foundation. Supported by the Women in the World Foundation and Toyota, which donated an SUV to help transport patients and hospital staff and ferry medical supplies, the physicians set up shop to work with local doctors in the region and train staff. When Latif heard that medical care was finally available, he turned up at the hospital, where he finally got the first in a series of operations to repair his eyelids and restore the use of his arm.

Now, the Women in the World Foundation, the Virtue Foundation and Toyota have pledged to help carry on the work in Tumu so that more little children like Latif can get the education and medical care they deserve. The partners have announced the creation of the Tumu Fund, which will raise money to support Tumu's hospital and its local school. Donations can be made at