04.07.131:07 PM ET

Lilly Pulitzer Dead at 81

The beloved designer is survived by her three children.

Designer Lilly Pulitzer, whose full name was Lillian Bostwick Phipps Pulitzer Rousseau, died Sunday in Palm Beach at the age of 81. Most famous for her vibrant, colorful dresses, Pulitzer’s outfits became somewhat of a uniform for a subset of America—a particularly wealthy one. Pulitzer’s story is one of both determination and luck. Her rise to fame began after a colorful shift dress she made herself—to mask the juice stains she got while working as an orange seller in Florida—stole the attention of her girlfriends. To gauge their interest, the 29-year-old commissioned a dressmaker to create 20 more. Suddenly, she said, “They took off like zingo.” Pulitzer is survived by three children, Liza, Minnie, and Peter.