04.07.1310:45 AM ET

Woman Leads Historic Prayer at Mormon Conference

Sister Jean A. Stevens is the first female to give benediction in as long as church can remember.

If it’s the first time anyone can remember, you know it’s a big deal. Sister Jean A. Stevens led the prayer at a major Mormon church event on Saturday. The General Conference in Salt Lake City is a two-day festival of sermons broadcast to millions of Mormons across the world. While women regularly speak at the summit, it’s a historic move for a woman to lead the prayer. While the church has struggled with calls for gender equality, Stevens did not speak directly on the topic. She did, however, give thanks for the “blessings of priesthood power.” Stevens is the “first counselor in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Primary General Presidency.” What does that mean? She’s in charge of the church’s programs for children.