04.08.133:03 PM ET

‘Rapebook’ Targeted on Facebook

A page set up to monitor unsafe content has ceased operation.

Anyone who’s spent time on Facebook knows that it’s not immune to offensive posts, photos, and comments, despite the “report” function that should allow administrators to censor such material. Rapebook, a page on the social-media site, endeavored to patrol rape jokes and misogynistic speech by repeatedly bringing them to the attention of an abusive-content team. Proof that no good deed goes unpunished: trolls targeted the page, posting exactly the kind of content Rapebook was trying to combat. Worse, hackers posted the personal information of several of the page’s founders, and as a result one of them, Trista Hendren, has received frightening threats, both online and in phone calls. Facebook has done little to counteract this unfortunate situation. In response to critics who said Rapebook was oversensitive to posts that were meant to be humorous, Hendren has said, “I don’t find jokes about raping and beating up children and women to be controversial. I don’t think there is that big of a gap between men who laugh about those things and men who beat and rape women.” Hendren and Rapebook have both ceased using the social network.