04.08.1312:22 PM ET

Spanish Royals Embarrassed Again

A forthcoming tell-all reveals Princess Letizia may have had an abortion.

Letizia, princess of Asturias and wife of Spain’s heir apparent, has caused a stir this week as her cousin David Rocasolano prepares to publish a book revealing her most intimate secrets. Chief among these is an alleged abortion obtained before she married Prince Felipe in 2004, at a time when the procedure was illegal in Spain except in extreme cases. One Catholic newspaper has demanded an investigation, and the royal family has refused to comment. Even if unfounded, the accusation may have a strong impact on the princess’s popularity, as “it has taken some time for [her] to win over the hearts of Spaniards. Many Royal observers frowned on the match as she was a divorcee and a commoner.” This news comes on the heels of the king’s daughter Princess Cristina being named as a suspect in a fraud case. The 300-page book, Adiós, Princesa, will be published later this week.