04.08.137:21 AM ET

Uganda To Ban Miniskirts

Along with music videos by Beyonce and Madonna.

Kampala, say goodbye to short shorts. A new anti-pornography bill proposed by the Ugandan government would outlaw clothing that exposes “intimate parts” in public, along with a broad range of media materials—including televised concerts and music videos by the likes of Beyoncé and Madonna. “Television should not broadcast a sexy person,” the country’s ethics and integrity minister, Simon Lokodo, told South Africa’s Mail & Guardian. Lokodo, a former priest, vowed that the government would even be monitoring the Internet “so we know who has watched which website and we know who has watched pornographic material.”
The minister, who told the paper that scantily clad women “entice” men to sexually attack them, added that the ban will apparently not apply to men. “Men are normally not the object of attraction; they are the ones who are provoked. They can go bare-chested on the beach, but would you allow your daughter to go bare-chested?”
The bill harks back to the era of dictator Idi Amin, who banned short skirts until his ouster in 1979, and has run into trouble in the country’s Parliament after some M.P.s worried about its implications for constitutional freedom.