04.09.1311:15 AM ET

Next Big Thing: Breast Milk Jewelry

How moms are preserving their baby’s first meals.

It seems scrapbooking just doesn’t cut it anymore. Etsy has seen a rise in a new jewelry trend: trinkets made from plasticized breast milk. These keepsakes take the shape of hearts, hands, and feet preserved in resin and decorated with the baby’s name or a message. Mothers can send their milk in plastic bags to the artisans, who take care of the crafting. The charms and necklaces from one vendor, Mommy Milk Creations, range in price from $64 to $125 and take four weeks to create. The designer, Allicia Mogavero, found inspiration in her own time nursing: “You only make breast milk for such a short period and it was amazing to me that this milk that I made was able to make my child thrive … I thought long and hard about a way for me to preserve the short time that I made the milk.” Mommy bloggers are torn as to whether the trend is cute or creepy, but the products are selling fast enough that Mogavero can hardly keep up.