04.09.1312:00 PM ET

No Invite to Augusta for IBM CEO

The golf tournament remains female-unfriendly.

IBM seems to have gotten itself mixed up in a boys-only club. A historically female-friendly company, having appointed a woman as vice president in 1943, IBM is sponsoring the annual Augusta National Golf Club’s Masters—notoriously all-male—later this week for the 12th time. Only trouble is, CEO Virginia Rometty wasn’t invited last year. The Georgia club offers complimentary membership to IBM CEOs because of the company’s long-standing sponsorship, but membership was not—and still has not—been granted to Rometty, the company’s first female CEO, appointed early in 2012. Buckling under pressure, the club did invite two women to don the symbolic green jackets last year (Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore), but Rometty remains on the outside. If the club holds another expensive tournament next year, it might want to think about buying a new jacket. It’s Augusta’s swing now.