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04.10.136:53 PM ET

Tax-Deductible Cookies and More Business Reads

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A closer bond may be in the cards for Yahoo and Apple. CEO Marissa Mayer has reportedly met with executives at Apple to discuss new ways for their companies to collaborate, expanding on their established partnership (the iPhone currently pulls data from Yahoo for apps like Weather and Stocks). One possible asset would be the recently acquired Summly, which could get information to users faster. No matter the outcome, the talks “should make Yahoo investors reaffirm in their conviction that Mayer is the right person for the job,” says the Street.

Apple, Yahoo Tie-Up: Examining the Possibilities (The Street)

Fashion designer Rachel Roy has a new business venture, a web magazine called The Life, which focuses on style, beauty, food, travel, and philanthropy. With luscious visuals and clickable links to purchase the featured clothing (from her own line), the site offers such aphorisms from Roy as “charity=clarity” and “I am so impressed by women who follow their passion, especially when it comes to decadent sweets!”

Rachel Roy’s New Digital Magazine (WWD)

Ann Carns at Bucks blog asks why aren’t Girl Scout cookies tax deductible? The prices are marked up three-and-a-half to five times their wholesale price, so why shouldn’t the difference count as a charitable donation? Though they do confer personal benefit, they may be priced differently from similar cookies available in grocery stores, and therefore the difference from the market value could count (though, as Carns herself points out, it “probably wouldn’t be worthwhile ... unless the price difference is really substantial, or you bought a lot of Girl Scout cookies.”

Girl Scout Cookies as a Tax Deduction (New York Times)