04.11.139:51 AM ET

Canadian Teens Accused of Pimping

Girls are accused of luring other girls as young as 13 with the promise of friendship, then allegedly stripped them naked, took photos, and sent those pictures to johns.

Three Canadian teenagers have been charged with allegedly trying to “pimp” out seven fellow teen girls as young as 13. Two 16-year-olds pleaded not guilty to three dozen charges Monday, and a 17-year-old girl has also been charged. The teenagers have been accused of meeting other teen girls through Facebook with the promise of friendship, and then the unsuspecting girls were allegedly forced to pose naked in heels and makeup for photos—and those pictures were sent to johns. The suspects are also accused of taking money that the johns paid the victims. Some of the victims also reported being forced to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol.

In one of the most horrifying examples of their crimes, one 17-year-old girl said she met the suspects through Facebook, thinking she was meeting up with new friends, and was forced to pose in nude photos, had her clothes stolen, and then was picked up by a man who had a bikini fetish. The man dressed her up in a bikini, raped her—and then paid her $180, which the suspects then took from her. She was allegedly told she hadn’t earned enough and was sent off to another man, who then sent her home in a cab when she started crying. The girls are also accused of telling a 13-year-old that she would be coming over for a sleepover, and she returned home the next day in a mini trench coat and high-heel boots after allegedly being forced to pose for nude photos. The man she was sent to apparently refused to have sex with her when he realized she had been sent there against her will.

According to an Ottawa Magazine article from October, the identities of the girls are an “open secret” to hundreds of teens in the city. At least one of the girls allegedly tweeted “ain’t no problem like a hoe problem” the night that a 15-year-old victim was beaten so badly, her injuries were still visible weeks later. At least one is described as having top grades and once being the “go-to babysitter on her street.”