Digital Get Down

04.11.135:18 PM ET

Finding Cyber Love

An infographic breaks down the facts and figures of online dating.

Anyone who has stared into the void of online dating has asked themselves: Is it worth it? Will creating this profile and filling it with pictures and factoids help me find love better than going out to a bar would? A new infographic from Betty Confidential and WeLoveDates says yes. Compiling data from a variety of studies, they point out that 71 percent of Internet couples are still together after two years, while among those who met face to -face only 55 percent remain together. What’s more, e-couples write more love letters, love emails, and love texts than their “real life” counterparts. A majority of people also find it easier to be honest and to discuss “personal things” online than in person. It just might be time to bite the bullet and sign up for OKCupid.