04.11.131:42 PM ET

Target Relabeling 'Urine' Sandals

Thought “Orina” meant “peace” in Russian.

This must not have gone over very well with Target’s Spanish-speaking customers. The retailer is currently in the process of relabeling all of their $19-$22 “Orina” sandals after they discovered “Orina” translates to “urine” in Spanish (the store initially thought it meant “peace” or “peaceful” in Russian.) Unfortunately, the relabeling might be too little, too late for some critics, since the sandals have been available in stores and on Target.com since February. The Latin Times has already called the mislabeling an “epic fail.” But Target isn’t the only retailer to send the wrong message. Dolce Vita, a slightly higher-end shoe brand, also stocks shoes under the same name.