04.12.137:39 AM ET

Actress Loses Suit With IMDB

Had sued after website used credit-card data to find her real age.

Actress Junie Hoang, 41, lost a lawsuit against the movie website IMDB after it published her real age—which she said had caused her to lose out on roles in Hollywood. IMDB had uncovered her true age by checking a credit card that she used to open her account on the site and confirmed it with a third-party database. Hoang had claimed to be seven years younger. Hoang said she was discriminated against once Hollywood learned her true age, and before anyone knew her actual birth date, she had been hired to play characters in their late 20s and 30s. But IMDB had argued it has the right to publish the truth, with attorneys for the site calling Hoang “selfish.” Maybe Hoang had dreamed of starring in the next CW show.