04.12.1312:25 PM ET

Arrington Lawyer Responds to Abuse Allegations

Posts private emails allegedly from Arrington’s former girlfriend Jenn Allen, threatens legal action if she doesn't retract claims.

After Jenn Allen claimed on her Facebook page and Gawker that her ex-boyfriend, Silicon Valley mogul Michael Arrington, had allegedly abused and raped her during their relationship, the situation is only getting nastier. In a letter posted on Arrington’s blog, Uncrunched, his attorney Eric M. George of Browne George Ross calls Allen’s claims “false and defamatory”—and uses postings he says are from Allen’s own Facebook page to dismiss her claims.

Allen claims that Arrington raped her on March 5, 2012. George writes that that is “not only false, but also factually impossible,” since credit-card records and travel records show that Arrington was in Washington, while a photo reportedly posted on Facebook (that has since been deleted) at 1:06 a.m. showed Allen in San Francisco. Allen also claimed that she contacted Arrington only once since the alleged rape, but Brown writes that she has contacted him via phone, texts, and tweets—allegedly 292 lines worth of communication, including an email in which she allegedly asks him to go to a wedding with her on May 19. Brown includes attachments of photos of a scantily clad Allen that she allegedly sent Arrington in the days following the alleged rape, supposedly with the subject line “For only you.”

There’s more: Brown shoots down Allen’s claims that Arrington raped two other women, writing that Arrington is backed up by his roommates at the time. Then, Brown writes, “Regrettably, your actions on May 18, 2011, when you emailed Michael that you were pregnant and were planning on having an abortion the following day (which was your birthday). You subsequently told Michael that you faked the pregnancy and abortion in order to get him to communicate with you.” On Thursday night, Allen responded on Twitter , writing, “Michael Arrington is a pathological liar, text next to pictures false storyteller. He’s destroying the lives of women in tech around us.” Allen followed up with more specific claims, writing that she had confused the dates of the alleged rape, and then tweeted “if you were raped twice in the past 8 years by Mike, in result pregnant twice by rape, one false pos preg, never a lie, pls have empathy.”