04.12.1311:45 AM ET

‘Bro-Choice’ Movement on the Rise

Men join the cause for reproductive rights.

The name came from a PSA by comedian Sarah Silverman urging men to get with the program after last year’s particularly heated election cycle. “Rule No. 1: the way to a woman’s heart is never through a mandatory vaginal ultrasound,” she said. Now her plea has led to the launch of Choice USA’s initiative Bro-Choice, “pledging to be part of the solution.” The group works with college students to promote advocacy for policy change, challenge media messages, and change campus culture. The project will recruit young men who “have realized the ways that reproductive oppression affects them and the ones they love and how some traditional ideas of masculinity hurt everyone.” Who knows? A few good men might be just what the movement needs to broaden the narrative as reproductive rights continue to come under attack.