04.12.1310:23 AM ET

Wall Street Gets Sexy Shoe-Shine Girls

Beautiful, scantily clad women are compared to Hooters employees.

Aren’t shoe-shine guys usually old men? Or Andy Dwyer? Kevin White Jr., 30, and his father are changing that with their business venture Star Shine NYC, which employs young, beautiful women in tight tank tops and shorts to shine shoes on Wall Street. The first store opened three weeks ago. “Finance guys are so busy and stressed. This is a chance to relax,” White said. “All the young ladies have undergone professional training. This is an upscale place.” The girls themselves say they like working there, with 19-year-old Kaya Santiago, a student at Westchester Community College, calling the experience “actually fun.” “Everybody’s nice, and it’s something to do while I’m in school,” she said. Well, maybe the traders can help her study sometime.