True or False?

04.13.136:00 PM ET

Michael Arrington Spat Gets Weirder

Gawker and Julia Allison fight over claims of abuse.

The strange, potentially sordid case of TechCrunch founder Mike Arrington, who is weathering allegations of assault from an ex-girlfriend, just keeps getting more tangled and bizarre. And in a twist somehow fitting to this very viral story, Internet Celebrity Julia Allison has now become part of the unfolding tale.

As with everything so far in the Arrington case, it's hard to tell who, if anyone, is really telling the truth (or half-truth). On April 12, Gawker writer Adrian Chen posted an update to the news that Arrington's lawyer had issued an online letter claiming that the allegations of rape and abuse by Arrington's ex-girlfriend, Jenn Allen, were false and that the couple had remained friends long after the alleged incidents, and threatening to sue unless Allen retracted her claims.

Earlier, Gawker had reported that Arrington had also allegedly been violent towards an ex-girflriend named Meghan Asha. (Asha issued a statement through TechCrunch that stated 'none of the claims made on [my] behalf over the past week are accurate' and said she remained friendly with Arrington.) In the update, Chen wrote:

Now we can report that Asha's close friend Julia Allison has privately maintained that the incident happened as we reported it, that she 'was there' when it happened, and that she won't elaborate because, she told Gawker, she is frightened of Arrington.

Gawker claimed to have obtained a private text message of Allison's dating from April 9, in which she allegedly wrote, "I don't know why Meghan said it wasn't true because it WAS ...he abused her and many others. That isn't in question." Gawker says Allison confirmed the authenticity of the text, but "declined to elaborate."

Later, Gawker amended the original post with an update from editor John Cook, saying Arrington had responded on his blog by posting texts, allegedly between Allison and Asha, in which Allison supposedly claims Gawker is "stalking me" and that "I told them they cannot run my name and I will deny it if they do." On the Gawker update (also captured in a screen shot on Arrington's blog) @JuliaAllison replies, saying "I have been harassed by no less than seven reporters about these incidents, including Adrian Chen. To ALL of them I said I was not willing to comment. I NEVER witnessed any physical abuse, and I don't know why Gawker is alleging I did."