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Lindsay Lohan, Bill Clinton, Justin Timberlake and More Viral Videos

From Justin Timberlake crooning for Obama to Lindsay Lohan talking rehab with David Letterman, watch our countdown of this week’s buzziest videos.

10. USC Prof: GOP Is Racist and Stupid

Darry Sragow, a political science professor at the University of South Carolina, is in hot water after he was caught calling California Republicans “the last vestige of angry old white people.” Check out a short clip from one of Sragow’s lectures.

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9. ‘I’m Too Sexy For My Cat’

Metta World Peace, the basketball star formerly known as Ron Artest, gave an incredibly bizarre interview after his Lakers defeated the New Orleans Hornets on Tuesday night, just 12 days removed from surgery on his left knee. Meow!

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8. Jay Carney vs. Jay-Z

Why does Jay-Z’s newest song say the White House gave him permission to travel to Cuba? Because “nothing rhymes with Treasury,” suggested Obama press secretary Jay Carney. That’s clever, C.

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7. Thatcher: ‘They’d Rather Have the Poor Poorer’

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has died from a stroke, at the age of 87. Here, at the end of her tenure, she defended her economic record against rising income inequality.

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6. JT Croons For Obama

During Tuesday night’s Memphis Soul concert at the White House, Justin Timberlake performed a silky smooth cover of “(Sittin’ On) the Dock of the Bay,” eventually getting the first family to sing along.

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5. Obama and Bush Were ‘Lucky’

During his speech at Howard University, Sen. Rand Paul demonstrated his support for relaxed punishment for minors and first-time offenders by telling the story of two future presidents who once dabbled in illegal drugs.

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4. Too Soon on Kevin Ware?

Keenan Thompson took to SNL’s Weekend Update as Charles Barkley to quip about Louisville player Kevin Ware, who broke his leg in a gruesome fashion during the NCAA tournament. “If you break your leg from just jumping,” Thompson said, “maybe basketball isn’t the sport for you.” Let the appropriateness debate begin.

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3. ‘Simpsons’ Go ‘Breaking Bad’

This week, the iconic couch scene that opens The Simpsons paid homage to the drug-happy AMC series. Move over, Heisenberg. Looks like Marge’s fluorescent blue cupcakes are the new hot substance on the street

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2.  Lindsay Lohan Says Rehab ‘A Blessing’

Letterman got serious for a second on Tuesday night, asking Lindsay Lohan about addiction and her upcoming return to rehab. “What are they rehabbing?” he asked, half jokingly. “What is on their list?”

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1.     Colbert Registers Bill Clinton For Twitter

@President Clinton was already taken, as was @WilliamJeffersonClinton, but @PrezBillyJeff was free. See what President Clinton decided to tweet for the first time while talking to Stephen Colbert at the Clinton Global Initiative.

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