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04.13.1311:37 AM ET

'Matilda' The Musical Comes To Broadway

Critics give rave reviews for the story of a precocious little girl who loves her books.

Everyone's favorite precocious Roald Dahl kid (ok, besides Veruca Salt) has taken her talents to Broadway to enlighten audiences to the wonders of letters and learning. Matilda, of the eponymous book, film, and now Broadway musical, might seem like a quirky heroine for the Great White Way. Can the story of a dreamy misfit with a penchant for books really make for a great musical? The New York Times thinks so. Matilda the Musical is "an exhilarating tale of empowerment, told by the most powerless group of all. I mean little children," the paper writes in its review of the show. As director Matthew Warchus, playwright Dennis Kelly and songwriter Tim Minchin tell it, Matilda fights against the evils of overbearing grown-ups and a television-obsessed society (sound familiar?) to lead a cast of young nerds to victory. We're looking forward to it.