Too Sexy For My Shirt

04.13.1311:03 PM ET

Sex: Better Than Makeup For A Woman's Looks

A roll in the hay beats out cosmetics any day.

With all the primping and preening women do to embody sexiness, we're ignoring the best, cheapest, most natural ways to make ourselves more gorgeous—a good, old-fashioned roll in the hay. Turns out, getting down and dirty actually helps you clean up nicely. As a fun gallery over on Betty Confidential shows, from the natural flush to nourished hair and a lower risk of heart disease, “doing it” really does a body good. Sexpert Mary Jo Rapini, M. Ed, L.P.C. says that not only does intercourse change your appearance for the better, but it gives you an extra boost of swagger—making you look all the more sexy. “The normal sex act itself takes between three and 20 minutes. That’s not very long, but it influences your whole day, it can even influence you for several days,” she says. Research has also shown that regular sex can help reverse the effects of ageing, lower stress levels, and help combat depression, mood swings and other additudinal things that negatively impact health. The cost of a decent eye-cream: $25. One-day gym pass: $10. A morning quickie: Priceless!