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04.14.1310:41 AM ET

Facebook's Most Annoying Couples

Sappy status updates, passive-aggressive FB fights and gooey selfies.

Sick of browsing the happy faces in The New York Times wedding announcements this morning? Time for one of Buzzfeed's eminently shareable lists: 13 Types of Facebook Couples You Should Never Become. Among the worst offenders:

The Couple Who Should Really Just Text Each Other This S**T (sample exchange: I'm so in love with you. I'm in love with you more :p ... Lol! I love you...just as much as you love me ... Otay, I love you too. Night).

The Couple Who's Not Actually Together (think twice about lamenting the one who got away to all 5,000 of your Facebook acquaintances).

and The Couple Who Only Post Photos Of Themselves (nb: all of these apply to Twitter, too).

Then again, it could be worse. At least these self-indulgent lovebirds didn't co-opt the cover of a well-respected international magazine.