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30 Days in a Bikini

A campaign uses bathing suits to promote positive body image.

Bikini season can be a hard time for the 8 million Americans who suffer from eating disorders. It’s a problem that hits close to home for Justin Jones, owner of Vulure Couture, a bathing-suit line for women with A and B cups. In an effort to help women feel more comfortable in their own skin (and in the very product he sells), Jones has launched an initiative called 30 Days in a Bikini, in which two women will spend a month in swimwear as they go about their days in Seattle (where the high today will be 57°F). This is meant to be therapeutic for these women, but also to send a message to the public—not to mention support the National Eating Disorder Association. “As the owner of a swimsuit-manufacturing company,” says Jones, “and having two daughters, one of which has suffered from an eating disorder, it’s been really hard.”

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