Mad Men

04.17.131:26 PM ET

Betty Francis vs. The Fridge

How women in the '60s lost weight through wacky diet tips.

In Mad Men's new season, we see poor Betty Francis still struggling to get that suburban ennui weight off her formerly modelesque frame. In honor of "Fat Betty's" travails, the Daily Mail has compiled all sorts of kooky trends that 60's homemakers relied upon in order to remain svelte: shots of safflower oil before meals; the ‘buttermilk diet." Of course, as the Mail notes,Americans could hardly qualify as fat in the era of Mad Men compared to modern standards: the country's obseity rate was at 13 percent, as opposed to 37.5 percent today. Regardless, women still flocked to the new regimes, including the wildly popular ‘baby formula diet,’ popularized by Metrecal—a line of 300-calorie meal replacement shakes that were repackaged cans of baby formula. Known as the “Slim Fast of its day,” Metracal was one of the biggest diet crazes of all time—even the White House stocked samples in their cafeteria. Here's hoping we see Betty downing a few cans in the next episode.