04.17.1311:12 AM ET

‘Girls’ Star Makes Out With Girl

To promote a line of wedding dresses, Jemima Kirke and Pamela Love got intimate.

It’s a plotline straight out of the HBO series that’s made her famous. Jemima Kirke, who plays the rambunctious and flighty Jessa in Girls, has reprised her wacky wedding from the Season 1 finale by donning risqué wedding dresses (one is made of lace—and only lace) and making out with jewelry designer Pamela Love. The photos promote Stone Fox Bride’s debut collection, whose website declares, “You're not into uptown. Or anything puffy or fluffy. Stiff flowers, pink cupcakes. F*** weddings.” The founder and designer, Molly Rosen Guy, calls Kirke a friend and explains that she is a married mother of two, “a painter turned actress who believes that, in her past life, she was a child prostitute and junkie.” It’s not the first provocative photo shoot for Kirke: in October, she posed nude for Vice at eight months pregnant. As Oscar Wilde might have asked, does life imitate Girls more than Girls imitates life?