War on Women

04.17.1312:45 PM ET

NH Lawmaker Calls Women ‘Vaginas’

It’s just the latest in a series of tone-deaf statements by the GOP.

Oh, Republicans, have you learned nothing from the backlash to Romney’s “binders full of women”? In an email sent to fellow representatives in the New Hampshire House, Amherst Republican Peter Hansen referred to women as “vaginas.” This comment reflected a disturbing attitude toward women, promulgated by Republicans, that has proven quite alienating and ultimately injurious to the party’s future. Women are, of course, half of the voting public.

As reported by ABC News, Hansen’s email was in response to a speech about repealing the law that allows people to use deadly force as defense. Hansen claims that his comment has been taken out of context, and that he used it only to instill a sense of the “perpetrator” in his readers’ minds. But the only perpetrator coming out of this story is Hansen, and lawmakers in New Hampshire, including state GOP chairwoman Jennifer Horn, are speaking out to say so.