Putting on the Ritz

04.18.1312:15 PM ET

Brooks Brothers Goes ‘Gatsby’

The iconic menswear company has introduced a new line inspired by the movie’s costumes, inspired by Brooks Brothers.

It’s now a mark of a fine period film or TV show to get a clothing line as a marketing tie-in. Banana Republic offers Mad Men–inspired frocks on a now-annual basis, Atonement was the movie that launched a thousand emerald prom dresses, and Brooks Brothers has just introduced a line of menswear in the style of Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming remake of The Great Gatsby. Fittingly (or, perhaps, redundantly), the suits in the film were inspired by vintage Brooks Brothers suits. Catherine Martin designed the wardrobe for the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio to sulk around in based on the brand’s archives, and in turn, the suit makers based their new line off Martin’s designs—offering both day and night ensembles. “F. Scott Fitzgerald was a lifelong Brooks Brothers customer,” says the company on its website, “making America’s oldest clothier a perfect partner for the filmmakers.” Now if only we ladies could get a line of gowns inspired by Daisy Buchanan.