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Financial Woes of the Girl Scouts & More Business News

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What’s really behind those Girl Scouts’ merit badges and cheery smiles? A bit of a rough season, apparently. An Oregon-based scam left one troop with $24,000 worth of unpurchased cookies, and a New Mexico thief took off with 5,000 boxes from a local troop. In Idaho, a new tax is expected to take a $150,000 cut of the state’s total cookie revenue. And those young Scouts need to be taught a thing or two about understanding these financial implications—a new survey shows 88 percent of Girl Scouts surveyed don’t believe they’re able to become financially independent.

3 Reasons Girl Scouts Are Having the Worst Season Ever (Business Insider)

A 31-year-old adviser has some advice for you young folk: you don't have to be gray-haired to get help managing your finances. Seeing a gap in the financial-advising realm, Blair Hodgson DuQuesnay founded Ignite Investments & Planning to focus on serve Generations X and Y. “On so many occasions, I heard people say that they wished they had enough money to work with me,” DuQuesnay, who utilizes social media to get the word out, told Business Insider. “Part of my job is to educate people and tell them that even if they have no assets outside a 401(k) or a home, there are still things that I can do to help.”

This 31-Year-Old Advisor Wants To Change The Way Young People Invest (Business Insider)

Great Gatsby fever is upon us. Brooks Brothers is launching its Gatsby-themed line, but one fashion house had a serious hand in the upcoming movie's extravagant look: Prada. Miuccia Prada designed 41 costumes in the film based on her recent looks from Prada and Miu Miu lines, like striped fur stoles and sequined dresses. The designer is an old friend of director Baz Luhrmann and was convinced to take on the project by Luhrmann’s wife. “I do not usually refer to any periods in my work,” Prada told The Wall Street Journal. “Then, together with Catherine Martin, I realized that many pieces from my archives could become very Twenties with just little intervention. That was a real surprise!”

How Prada Created a 'Gatsby' Fashion Moment (The Wall Street Journal)