04.18.138:46 AM ET

Hathaway Not Most Hated Celeb

Gwyneth, sadly, has taken her place.

Annie suffered enough. The Anne Hathaway haters club is now officially a disparate group, with poor Gwyneth Paltrow taking over the dubious title of  “most hated celebrity in Hollywood”—at least according to Star magazine. Whether it’s her zealous veganism or the bad-mother rumors that have been swirling ever since she put her whole family on the “elimination diet,” Gwynnie now tops Star’s “most hated” list for being “arrogant” and “pretentious.” Paltrow landed ahead of 20 other celebrities, including Kristen Stewart, Hathaway, and even Chris Brown—because apparently being “goopy” is more loathsome than being an abusive, misogynistic jerk.