04.19.1311:07 AM ET

Diaper-Free Babies Back in Style

“Elimination communication” adopted by NYC parents.

It sounds messy, but raising diaper-free babies from infancy may be the latest parenting fad—at least in New York City. While the method of “elimination communication” isn’t exactly new, it’s apparently becoming more mainstream among hipster-hippie parents who think going diaperless is better for the environment. Adrien Stare, owner of Caribou Baby, an “eco-friendly  maternity, baby and lifestyle store” on the border of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, regularly hosts diaper-free “Meetups” where parents share tips on how to get 4-month-olds to urinate on the move. One parent said it’s practically a job qualification to offer diaper-free training. Some will surely turn up their noses at the unorthodox child-rearing method, but a spokeswoman for the NYC health department didn’t acknowledge it as a serious public health issue. “Really the only infectious disease problem at hand has to do with hand washing,” she said.