Fine Arts

04.19.133:08 PM ET

Female Artists Finally Get Their Due

Artists like Cindy Sherman and Yayoi Kusama are breaking the auction world's glass ceiling.

The upper reaches of the art market are still a man’s world: male artists exclusively dominate the list of the top 100 words sold at auction, and no living woman has yet passed the $10 million mark for a work.   But art’s glass ceiling is about to be shattered as the rising tide of the auction market lifts both male and female artists alike.  Already, an elite group of female artists, both living and dead—Cindy Sherman, Berthe Morisot, Marlene Dumas, Yayoi Kusama—are being seen as underpriced jewels by bargain-hunting collectors. Almost all of the top auctions sales of female art have happened within the last five years, and experts expect the trend to continue. A good barometer for continued interest: the upcoming Impressionist and modern art sales in New York at Sotheby’s and Christie’s.