Pucker Up

04.20.1311:12 PM ET

Spanish Photographer's Amazing DIY Lip Art

Lipstick designs pay homage to Harry Potter, Breakfast at Tiffany's and more.

For your creative inspiration of the day, look no further than Eva Senin Pernas, a 26-year-old photographer and makeup artist whose dazzling lipstick designs are vertiable masterpieces of pigment, glitter and Swarovskis. She pays homage to her favorite films (a crystal-encrusted Breakfast at Tiffany's; Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas; The Lion King—all red and gold and baobab trees), books (Harry Potter, in a particularly haunting design) and games (a black-and-white chessboard motif), as well as mod mouths sprinkled with citrus fruits and one design of glittering galaxies that would fit right onto the cover of a Ziggy Stardust album. Peruse her designs, pick up some tips, then get busy on creating your own masterpiece for a perfect pout.