04.20.139:03 PM ET

Samantha Brick's Fat-shaming Piece Stirs Internet's Ire

The Daily Mail columnist is at it again with a column on how fat equals failure.

There's a certain type of reaction that British journalist and reality TV star Samantha Brick perhaps hopes to provoke when she writes her columns for Britain's Daily Mail—including her most recent one, on how being fat is the ultimate sign of failure. Maybe she hopes for applause for her self-control, or envy over her slimmer physique—but being seen as "stunningly annoying and embarrassingly delusional” probably isn't it. (Although...maybe it is? Hard to tell.) Yet that was, once more, the response many female readers had to her fat-shaming piece. "I don't believe overweight is ever attractive," wrote 42-year-old Brick, who has stirred ire, mockery and mirth over her 'other women hate me because I’m beautiful' mantra in the past. "Whether we like it or not, we live in an age and a part of the world where men and women regard thin as beautiful."

Brick went on to say that she has chosen to date and marry men who encourage (if not threaten) her to stay thin—her current hubby, she says, has warned her that divorce is in the cards if she becomes too plump—and she urges “self-respecting” women to follow her lead in dieting every day. She even snubbed Dove’s viral “Real Beauty Sketches” video, saying that it misleads women into thinking they are more beautiful than they are. In response, HuffPo echoes the musings of legions of anti-Brickers and wonders: is this column yet another trolling "trick on the Internet" played by Brick and the Daily Mail?