Stop The Violence

04.21.1310:30 AM ET

American Woman Gang-Raped In Papua New Guinea

The 32-year-old academic says she was attacked on a jungle trek with her husband.

First Brazil, now this: A 32-year-old U.S. academic studying climate change in Papua New Guinea says she was gang-raped by a band of armed men as she and her husband trekked through the jungle. The attack comes on the heels of another attack last week, in which a group of men murdered a 62year-old Australian and raped his female companion.

The American woman has reportedly said she wants to publicize her ordeal in order to raise awareness about the violence plaguing the South Pacific country. Police in the capital of Port Moresby confirmed the attack to the AFP on Sunday. According to the woman, she was walking in the forest with her husband and a guide when nine men carrying guns and knives attacked them, stripped the men naked, and bound her and hacked off her hair before raping her. After the ordeal, the three fled naked to the nearest village, and returned to Port Moresby on Saturday, where an AFP photographer helped them file a police report and book a flight out.