Middle-Aged Men

04.21.1310:47 AM ET

Hollywood's Leading Men Get Older, Ladies Stay the Same Age

Average gap between older male stars and their love interests is around 19 years.

As Carrie Bradshaw once said, George Clooney is like a Chanel suit—he'll never go out of style. Helping that timeless image: the fact that Hollywood has always cast actresses in their early 30s as his female love interests. And Clooney's not alone—from Tom Cruise to Steve Carell, a host of high-paid leading men have now reached the middle-aged mark, but are still being paired up with women half their age. To demonstrate Hollywood's enduring age gap, Vulture has compiled some handy charts, noting that it's hard to imagine the reverse scenario occuring for a middle-aged actress. The one exception? Tom Hanks, who has always played opposite women around his same age, from Splash to Apollo 13 and last year's Cloud Atlas.