Too Thin

04.21.132:03 PM ET

The Scary New Anti-Anorexia Ad That Turns Fashion Illustrations Into Starving Models

Campaign shows how proportions would look in real life.

What could be more glamorous than a fashion sketch showing a lithe model swanning about in the latest couture? But just like Barbie—whose proportions are so unrealistic that she couldn't remain upright as a flesh-and-blood woman—the charming illustrations used by designers to concoct their flights of fancy are hardly maps for a healthy body. To this end, Star Models, a Brazil-based agency, has released a shocking new ad campaign that uses Photoshop to carve out what the paper mannequins would actually look like off the page. Turns out, it's terrifying: those mile-long legs and limber arms become skeletal clavicles and emaciated appendages. The campaign—whose slogan is "You Are Not A Sketch"—is hoping to take aim at thinspiration blogs and 'pro-ana' websites to show girls that fashion industry standards translate into real-life scary.