04.22.138:43 AM ET

Bride Steals $72,000 Worth of Wedding Gifts

Claims the groom is holding on to cash.

The doomed nuptuals of Amy Chan and Kevin Li began with an “only in New York” dilemma. Pregnant by her boyfriend of one year, Chan was hesitant to marry Li because she was on the waiting list for a Financial District studio and feared their combined income would ruin her chances of getting the apartment. Instead of compromising her dream real estate with a marriage license, Li and Chan simply celebrated their relationship with over 100 friends at a dim sum brunch in Chinatown, where Chan's mother was put in charge of taking inventory of the gifts, a decision Li would soon regret. After the wedding, Chan spent the night at her parents’. She then went back to the Brooklyn apartment she shared with Li to retrieve the rest of their wedding gifts—worth thousands of dollars—before dumping him. Li, who is now suing Chan, says he simply wants to return the jewelry and money she stole to the relatives who bought them, but Chan says, “He’s lying. He’s evil.“ Chan also claims that Li is guilty of stashing gifts himself. “What I got myself into was a disaster relationship,” she said. “He took everything [from] my relatives. They gave me tons of money, that [he] took. If he won’t give that back, I’m not giving him back anything. He's not a human being.”