04.23.1310:15 AM ET

Dancer Who Lost Foot in Marathon Bombing Vows Recovery

‘I absolutely want to dance again.’

A dancer who lost a foot in the Boston Marathon bombing said she refused to let the bombing ruin her spirit, vowing, “I absolutely want to dance again.” Adrianne Haslet, a ballroom dance instructor at Arthur Murray Studios in Boston, was watching the marathon with her husband, U.S. Airman Adam Davis, who had just returned from Afghanistan. The pair were knocked to the ground, and she says, “We sat up and I said, ‘Wait, my foot hurts.’ And then he held up my foot and we both just screamed bloody murder.” Davis used his belt to make a tourniquet around her leg, and she was taken to Boston Medical Center, where her foot was amputated. Haslet, who appeared on the cover of the Boston Herald, told ABC News that she shared her story because “I just want people to know that you can come out of a situation that might seem like the end of the world and come out stronger.”