Oh those kids

04.23.132:52 PM ET

Berkeley Students Turn To Facebook For Missed Hookup Connections

A 'missed connections' for the hard-partying set.

Ever wonder what could've happened with that guy you met at that off-campus party the other night? For UC Berkeley students, wondering is a thing of the past. "UC Berkeley Hook-Ups," a new Facebook group gaining popularity on the California campus, allows students who have met at parties—we won't speculate whether alcohol was involved—to reconnect. From there, the possibilities are endless. The most recent post on the wall reads:

To the short white kid in a pre-med frat i met at zete during the pledge party a couple of saturdays ago. i think your name starts with an L, but I'm not sure, i remember it sounded kind of mexican. we talked for about 20 minutes, and i really liked you. all i could think about was going back with you to your triple in clark kerr where you said you live) and letting you do me how ever you like. if you get this, please try to find me. Im horny and hott as I'm sure you remember. -J

Sounds like the beginning of a very beautiful friendship.