04.24.1312:32 PM ET

Diane Keaton on ‘Ellen’: ‘Do You Know What Tantric Sex Is?’

In a drunk appearance, Keaton also said she ‘wanted to get married, but nobody asked me,’ and more greatness.

Imagine what Woody Allen would have said during the therapy sessions with Diane Keaton’s Annie Hall if they had talked tantric sex. Ellen DeGeneres can tell him—Keaton pulled out a bottle of wine during Tuesday’s show and said, “Do you know what tantric sex is ... the audience?” Keaton said she was “afraid” to talk about her character in upcoming film The Big Wedding, because her character is interested in tantric sex. Giggling, she continued: “Look, I’m Diane, and the character I play is someone else, so I’m not to be blamed for this. The definition is something like, well, when you have tantric sex, you go for a long time and have that thing called an orgasm. For nine hours! That’s ridiculous! It drives me crazy when I think about it. I’m glad the movie’s over. It’s too weird.”

That wasn’t the only fun time. Keaton also talked about Topher Grace, who plays a 29-year-old virgin (“I don’t know a man who’s 29 and a virgin”), punching and kissing Robert De Niro (“I love kissing him ... I enjoy the kissing of the man”), and why she never got married (“I would like to get married ... very bad. What happened was nobody ever asked me.”). “This is the best show I’ve ever been on in my life,” Keaton said before leaving. We agree. Please come back soon.