04.27.1311:42 AM ET

American Girl Shelves Iconic Dolls

Kirsten, Molly, and Samantha now ‘archived.’

Goodbye, outdated-yet-inspiring American Girl dolls. The iconic brand (now owned by Mattel) is shelving three beloved original dolls: Molly (the World War II patriot), Kirsten (the Scandinavian farmer), and Samantha (the Victorian aristocrat). The remaining girls—like Lanie the amateur gardener and McKenna the gymnast—are less historical and more "just like you!" But where are the fiesty gals tackling social and political issues with their backstories and accompanying books. What makes the American Girl brand so great, argues Amy Schiller in The Atlantic, is how "the original dolls confronted some of the most heated issues of their respective times." The current toys, she writes, are "more like a stylish accessory."