04.27.134:45 AM ET

Christiane Taubira, Heroine of Gay Marriage

The French justice minister made her mark this week.

Christiane Taubira emerged as the breakout star of gay-marriage legalization this week in France. Heretofore little-known (at least to most Americans), the justice minister gave a series of forceful speeches in the French legislature in the months leading up to the vote, insisting on the importance of civil equality just as thousands around the country ramped up the vitriol around the debate. She compared the inequality to previous oppressions, noting that at one point Jews and Protestants (and even actors) could not marry in France. In celebration of the vote earlier this week, she gave a rousing speech: “We think the first weddings will be beautiful. And that they will bring a breeze of joy. And those who contest them today will surely be confused when they are overwhelmed by the newlyweds’ happiness and the families’ joy.” Here’s hoping she’s invited to the first ceremony.