04.27.1311:40 AM ET

Woman Gave Birth Trapped Beneath Bangladesh Factory Rubble

Both mother and son survived the collapse, but more than 100 remain missing.

A rescuer who helped pull workers from the rubble of a terrifying garment-factory collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh, told the U.K. Telegraph that a woman and her tiny new baby were among those rescued earlier this week. According to the man, the mother gave birth to a baby boy while trapped underneath the debris. They were rescued after six hours. The mother did not appear to have suffered serious injuries. “The baby was crying,” he told The Telegraph. “The umbilical chord was still there.” Rescuers continue to search for survivors among the concrete and steel debris, and one said he thought more than 100 people could still be trapped inside the building, even as officials say the victims would have difficulty going for more than 72 hours without food or water.