Greek Life

04.28.134:45 AM ET

The Upside of Sororities

They’re not as bad as their reputations.

It’s been a tough week for sorority girls, who saw themselves caricatured in the media once again with a particularly nasty missive from a Delta Gamma president to her sisters. Still, many feel the need to point out that it’s not all paddling and binge drinking. Katie Patton at Hello Giggles, for one, resents “the stigma associated with sorority life by so many who were never involved, those among us who only heard the negative news stories but never had the opportunity to experience the sisterhood first hand.” At her chapter, hazing was not an option, and sisterhood (rather than group humiliation) was at the forefront of pledge season. It’s helpful to remember that the point of these institutions is to support members, rather than degrade them. Now if only someone would tell those few bad apples that give the whole system a bad name.