04.29.1311:12 AM ET

Anti-Abortion Group Releases Secret Film of Bronx Clinic

Sent a pregnant woman posing as a patient to go undercover to discuss late-term abortion.

Seizing on the publicity around the Kermit Gosnell case, the anti-abortion group Live Action has released video of a staffer at a Bronx clinic discussing late-term abortion procedures with a pregnant woman posing as a patient. At one point, the pregnant woman asks what will happen if the fetus “comes out” at home after the first day of the two-day procedure. “If it comes out, it comes out. Flush it,” the staffer says. Live Action, which is known for its video stings of abortion clinics, claims the recording proves that Gosnell’s clinic wasn’t an anomaly. An unedited version of the recording, which Live Action posted along with a shorter version, shows that the staffer who tells the woman to flush it was an intake worker, not a counselor. “In the same video, an abortion counselor gives the woman somewhat different explanations,” The New York Times reports. She tells the woman that, in the unlikely event that the fetus survives the abortion, the doctor will send it to a hospital or resuscitate it. “Once that pregnancy comes out alive, he will do everything he can to save it,” she says.