04.30.136:38 PM ET

FDA Lowers Morning-After Pill Age

Will still require identification.

Currently, the morning-after pill is only available behind pharmacy counters to buyers 17 and up. But on Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration stipulated the emergency contraceptive would be moved over the counter for those 15 and older to buy it. The plan was a middle ground found before a court-imposed deadline would lift all age restrictions, and has been praised as "a step in the right direction." Not all are appeased, though. The Center for Reproductive Rights, which sued against age limits, says it's not enough. Women of all ages without identification still face significant barriers, the group argued. The FDA was originally poised to lift all age limits, but Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius overruled the decision, and said girls as young as 11 should not be allowed to buy the pill on their own.