05.02.134:24 PM ET

Lila Rose to Take on Gosnell

She produced the video stings with O’Keefe of Planned Parenthood.

Lila Rose, the woman who produced the video stings with James O’Keefe of Planned Parenthood that threatened the group’s federal funding, is back and aiming her camera at Kermit Gosnell,  the abortion doctor who is on trial for murdering patients and nearly full-term babies. Rose, a UCLA student, posed as an underage girl trying to get an abortion at Planned Parenthood, and cost one clinic manager her job in a highly publicized video. Rose went to abortion clinics in New York and Washington, D.C., to describe the late-term abortions that Gosnell did. They did provide some grisly details, but there isn’t really much of an a-ha moment since she isn’t seeking an abortion and they are only describing the procedure.