05.02.1311:50 AM ET

Terry McAuliffe Left the Delivery Room

While his wife was in labor. To go to a party. And he lived to tell the tale.

Terry McAuliffe must never want women to vote for him—at least not women who have gone through childbirth. The former DNC chairman launched his first TV ad of the 2013 Virginia governor’s race touting his family life—but BuzzFeed pulled up a passage from his 2007 memoir, Life’s a Party, where he revealed that he left the delivery room while his wife was in labor. Yes, you read that right: he lived to tell the tale about leaving his wife in the delivery room while she was in labor. McAuliffe wrote that his wife, Dorothy, could tell he was “going stir-crazy,” and he told her there was a party for former Washington Post columnist Lloyd Grove (who now writes for The Daily Beast) and she said to go (emphasis ours). McAuliffe said he kept checking in and he made it back to the hospital in time for when his daughter Susan was born.