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05.04.134:45 AM ET

Wikipedia’s Heroine

Sarah Stierch keeps the world’s largest encyclopedia feminist friendly.

A few statistics about the average Wikipedia editor have become widely known in recent years: He (because he is a “he”) is college-educated, 30 years old, and computer savvy. Nothing against these fellas, who work tirelessly to make sure the general public can access open-source information, but it never hurts to have a few women in the picture. Enter Sarah Stierch. The editor, who holds degrees in museum studies and has voluntarily written more than 400 articles over the last seven years, has emerged as “the go-to person for gender-related issues” on the site, says Women’s eNews. Her voice was especially prominent in the recent kerfuffle over moving female writers into a separate category from the general “American Novelists” page. Her hard work has been rewarded: she was recently taken on as Wikimedia’s program-evaluation community coordinator. That’s what we call “leaning in.”