05.06.1312:30 PM ET

Brittney Griner on Her ‘Honest Life’

Basketball star’s essay reveals she was—and still is—bullied.

Brittney Griner says she has no hard feelings against NBA player Jason Collins for all the attention he’s gotten after the very public revelation that he is gay. In a personal essay, Griner recounts her coming-out experiences, both public and private. The top WNBA draft pick said that she came out to her mom during high school, and she was accepted with love and understanding. But she also revealed that she was mercilessly bullied from middle school through college. Peers called her a “dude,” pressed her to prove she was a woman, and jeered her with racial and homophobic slurs during games. Even though she’s received much praise and well-wishes since publicly coming out, she says she still deals with nasty comments on Twitter and Instagram.