05.06.133:51 PM ET

Do Stay-at-Home Dads Need a Title?

Mr. Mom and ‘feminist housedude’ didn’t make the cut.

Over at The Atlantic, Anne-Marie Slaughter argues that dads who are their family’s primary caretakers need one word to describe them. She wants men who stay at home to take care of their kids, do the laundry, and cook—you know, mom stuff—to feel “attractive” and “cool.” She toyed with the term “full-time father,” since it has strong connotations, but ultimately rejected it since it implied that men who work full time are part-time fathers. She decided that “maker” is the most viable option, based on the movement focused on DIY projects and craftsmanship. Readers chimed in with their own comments, coming up with words like “domestic engineer,” “castle manager,” “STAD” and “trophy husband.” Given these options, it might be best to keep it simple and stick with good ol’ “Dad.”